Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday


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Blackdown Walk – Surrey/ Sussex borders

A beautiful National Trust walk through 500 acres of heathland and woodland that we have been getting to know this week is called the Blackdown Walk.

National Trust Blackdown

Blackdown or Black Down is an important landscape feature on the Surrey/ Sussex borders.  It offers doggies, walkers and horse riders unspoilt countryside with super panoramic views…

One of the many views (view from Mabel Elizabeth Hunter’s stone seating corner – her husband Edward Hunter gave Blackdown to the National Trust in 1944)

Blackdown is designated as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI) as it contains a disappearing habitat called ‘Lowland Heath’.  The National Trust has pioneered a successful heathland restoration project here.

Part of the Greensand Ridge  in south-east England, Blackdown is an extremely beautiful area to visit.

To see an example of one of the walks with an illustrated walking map click here on Black Down Walk

Heathland sniffing


Heathers flower here in August and September

With a height of 280 metres and a rainfall of 950mm a year, Blackdown is the highest point in West Sussex and the wettest in the Weald (old English name for woodland) of south-east England.

Map location of Blackdown

Sunken tracks remain from centuries of use as cart tracks and smugglers’ ways

Many of the old placenames are still in use

In Victorian times writers such as Lord Tennyson, George Eliot, and Henry James and artists spent much time in this area which became known as a beauty spot.  Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate in 1850 owned Aldworth House on Blackdown where he wrote his later poetry.

Image of Aldworth House from an old postcard print

Lord Tennyson wrote about Blackdown:

“You came, and looked and loved the view,                                                                        Long-known and loved by me,                                                                                            Green Sussex fading into blue,                                                                                              With one gray glimpse of sea.” Prologue poem

(Here’s a link about Aldworth House for sale…click here)

There are quite a few paths and walking routes to learn, so sometimes Vikki has got in a muddle with the map.  At least we are discovering many of the unmarked smaller paths and trails!  I get a much longer walk too!..heehee 🙂

Er…which path are we on?  Nevermind lets walk it anyway!!

Fortunately, there are also many benches to sit, enjoy the views on the way and work out where we are!

Robin Carr’s bench (which means we stay on the small path left of the hill!)


Every bench holds a name and memory of somebody who has loved Blackdown.  The bench is also placed and angled with thought and care to enjoy that chosen view.  We have sat, sniffed, looked out and read the little memorial message on every one of them.

My human is finding it easier to learn the walks by the location of these benches which helps us remember whether to turn left, right or straight on…

Thank you to the benches!

A little rest at the Bloxam’s Bench before we head left…

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Blogville Olympics

No, this is not my new ‘Superhero outift’ – It’s my ‘Olympics’ look!

As the Olympic Opening Ceremony happens later tonight in London, so will our own Dog & Cat Blogville Olympics commence..heehee! Party smile

It has been great fun and an honour to be amongst all the super dog and cat blogs around the world participating in the Blogville Olympics!

Many thanks to the organisers and hosts! Nerd smile

My human can’t wait to have a chuckle at all the entries…Rolling on the floor laughing

Here are the schedule of all events and links to each blog hosting it:

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Wordless Wednesday

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Broken Birdhouse – Squirrel Patrol

The roof of the bird house has been broken for a while.

It looks like this! Disappointed smile

Although it doesn’t look that great, it is still continuing as a popular food stop for all the local birdies and provides me with relaxing Bird TV to watch and fall asleep to.

However, a lack of roof has meant that Squirrel has started to scare the birds away and help himself to the table spread…..grrrrrrrrrrrr! Vampire bat

I am head of  ‘Squirrel-Patrol’ so ‘Operation Birdhouse’ has been authorised… (er…by me!). Ninja

A brief example of Squirrel-Surveillance Winking smile

My human is going bonkers at my new ‘surveillance job’ (gulp!).  She asked cousin James to fix the birdhouse in the hope that Squirrel will give up, get bored and go away!

Fixing the Birdhouse

Clever cousin James!

The Birdhouse is now fixed and the birdies are back enjoying their new restaurant with anti-Squirrel food holding devices!

Sniff patrol but no sign of Squirrel smells…

I can relax and snooze with peaceful morning Bird TV in the first ray of sunshine since we arrived!!!!!!


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Settling In & A Picture of Monte- Carlo

When moving to a new place, everything can feel a little upside down and not quite home…

Vikki finds it best to make sure my daybed is up and next to her desk with my favourite comfy blanket on it so I can snooze and watch her unpack our stuff!  She hangs some pictures and gets a few familiar loved items out.. just to feel a little bit more like home amidst the chaos!

At least I’m comfy in the chaos!

Wherever my human lives, she likes to find a piece of art that reminds and represents that certain time, place or event in life.  Sometimes it’s a painting, sculpture, vase or a ceramic bowl.

A long while ago, Vikki saw a super picture of Monte-Carlo that she really liked.  It was a print from a painting of Monte-Carlo in Monaco.

Picture of Monte-Carlo

My human lived in Monaco for quite a number of years and thought this picture would be a lovely souvenir of her time there.

She looked in many shops for it in Monaco and France but could not find it.  So she thought maybe the picture had stopped selling.

As we were packing to leave for England, Vikki started thinking about the picture that she never managed to find.  She was a bit sad that she never found it.  A few days before we were due to leave, she came across the name of the artist and his website on the internet!

The artist is called Martin Rhys-Jones.  He is an English artist who has lived in Tourettes-sur-Loup for a long time.

There were some wonderful pictures on his website.  She loved the pen lithographs of Eze Village and St Paul de Vence..special places that we know and love.

I recognise these views from our walks in Eze and St Paul de Vence!

So, she telephoned the artist to ask if he knew where she could find his pictures and he invited us to come round to his home to have a look instead.

Martin Rhys-Jones at home

Vikki was very happy! She finally found the picture of Monte-Carlo that she wanted as well as two other wonderful drawings of Eze and St Paul de Vence.  It was lucky that the artist was at home and welcoming to our visit.

As a very nice gesture, we were given special versions and the artist also made an original signature on them for us…

Signing our pictures!

I want to see too!

Do you want my pawtograph on them?

I think Mr. Artist found our visit highly amusing!

Once we arrived in England, Vikki took the pictures to the picture framers and now they are framed and hanging sweetly on our wall…they make Vikki smile 🙂

We are starting to settle in and I am looking foward to showing you round in a future post!

The super pictures are a wonderful reminder of our time there 🙂

All a bit topsy -turvy here at the moment..but at least the pictures are up!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Rain, Rain Go Away…

Rain, rain go away…Come back another day.

Since I arrived in England, it has rained and rained.

My window cloud art whilst watching the rain.

We tried to go for a walk on the heathland and there was a lot of sludgy mud to plough through.  Disappointed smile Eeek!

My muddy paws.

My muddy behind.

My human’s muddy paws.

Luckily, deep in the nearby forests, the big trees turn into giant umbrellas. We can still hear the rain but we stay dry. Winking smile

Green dry underworld of the forest.

I hope the sun will come out soon…

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Wordless Wednesday

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