Blooming marvellous!

My human has a belly-bump!!

This is my view of her when she is talking to me!  I can just about see her eyes and nostrils..heehee!

zolasview of vikki_edited-1

I didn’t really notice until recently.  She started to sit down a lot more during our walks to have rests…very unlike her but still a bonus for me since I have more time to enjoy the scenery and our walks last a lot longer.


I only get belly-bumps when I’ve eaten too much but I don’t think this is the same thing!

I hear other humans telling Vikki that she is “blooming”!



I wonder what it all means?!!!


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Wordless Wednesday

zola face

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Wordless Weekend

bluebell zolabluebell zola !

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Toffee Time

My great pal Toffee the Golden Retriever has just moved to England!  Yippeeeeee!


He came with his family to visit us from France for his first weekend in England before moving in to their new home (which is 90 minutes away from us by car).

toffee and zola in the forest

It had been Toffee’s first long journey in the car.  I have done this trip quite a few times.  It takes two days of travelling and it can be very tiring.  Here’s a map showing Toffee’s journey from St Paul de Vence to High Lodge Forest Adventure Centre, Thetford Forest, which is near to where we live:

Toffee stayed overnight in a hotel (the one I liked staying at in Nuits St Georges) and then he went on to the Eurotunnel train from Calais to Folkestone, which is much faster and easier for us doggies than a ferry crossing.  (The rules for doggies arriving in England are also a lot simpler than a few years ago, as long as a doggie has their petpassport with everything up to date.)

When Toffee arrived we went for a walk around the forest land so that he could stretch his legs and have a little explore with me.

toffee zola forest

Toffee was very happy that he could have a good body roll in some new English forest smells!

toffee stretch and roll

I showed Toffee where some of the horses live…

watching the horses

My human introduced him to one of our friendly horses called Guiness.  Toffee had never seen a horse so close before so he was very curious.

toffee and guiness
toffee and guiness

After a little lunch and relax, the sun came out and it was time for some ear-tasting play in the garden..

ear tasting

Nyum-nyum-nyum….oooooooo…its great to have Toffee back!

ear tasting play

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Spring has sprung

Hello hello!!!

Yippeeeee!  Finally, Spring has sprung here in England.

Wow…it has been such a long winter and I had to wear my warm winter coat all the time on my walks…

long winter 2012/2013

long winter

I have been in winter-blog-hibernation it is great to be back!  My human and I have so missed blogging but moving and starting a new life and business have had to take over my blog for a while. Now that we are more settled and everything is sorted, we very much look forward to visiting my blog pals, friends, catching up on news and restarting my blog…hurrah!

The sun is now shining, green leaves are appearing on the trees, the birds are singing, flowers are blossoming and everything is warming up and looking more colourful…time has gone really fast since we moved to Norfolk at the beginning of this year.

Vikki has been making sure all the horses are happy in their new home.

vikki & apollo

She is pleased at how cool and polite I am with them.

vikki zola horses 9 vikki zola horses 8

Sometimes I can’t resist a closer sniff inspection and lick test if Vikki helps me stand tall.

vikki zola horses 4 vikki zola horses 12

One thing is for sure, horse treats are definitely not as good as mine.

A carrot!!!  euwwwwww!

zola weston apollo vikki zola horses

Doggies and horsies will never be best buddies, but with the right learning and mutual respect for each other, we can all live very nicely together.

vikki zola horses 5

I can’t wait to introduce you to the other horsies here and tell you about the adventures I am getting up to.

Aroooooofs and a big thanks for all your messages.


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Wordless Wednesday

zola & westonz & w xzola & weston xZola & Weston in the arenazola & weston arena 2zola & weston arena 3weston & zolaw zola

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Wordless Wednesday


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Happy New Year 2013!

Wishing you peace & happiness for 2013.

I’m galloping full steam ahead into the New Year…Yippeeeeeeeee!

ZOLA snow new year

I’m sorry for the radio silence on my blog.  Moving twice in the last 6 months (and to different countries) can take its toll. Confused smile  I hope you enjoyed all the Wordless Wednesdays though!

Finally, we have moved in to our ‘happily ever after forever & ever home’ in the middle of a huge forest on the Norfolk/ Suffolk borders!  Can’t wait to tell you all about it.

zola in the snow x

My human is zooming around cleaning, decorating, sorting out the stables, chicken coops, mucking out field shelters in the paddocks and lots more…I’ve heard that 6 horses and two flocks of chickens are moving in with us next month!


I’m also super busy running around exploring my new home…I’m in Zola-Paradise!

zola new year xI look forward to sharing this year’s adventures with you and reading all about yours if you are one of my super blogger pals.  If you are a non-bloggy occasional reader of my dogblog, thank you very much for visiting and we always love a hello or message from you too!

zola snow header

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Yuletide Greetings!

Oooo a presie was waiting for me at my grandpawrents.

What is this?  A ‘Winter Onesie’!? Are we going to the North Pole?


A little lie down needed after all that.

zola needs a lie down

My Grandpawrents made us a super traditional English Christmas lunch.

grandpaw ready for xmas lunch

“I’m dreaming of a Bronze turkeeeeey!”

xmas turkey

Our christmas turkey came from Norfolk, which is where we are moving to!  It was great to take time out from moving and enjoy the Christmas days at my grandpawrents.  We felt very lucky and grateful that we could all be together.

Paul carves the turkey and he remembers to fill my turkey bowl.

carving the turkey

Turkey bowl…where are yooooooouuu?

zola's turkey bowl

Nyom nyom….very tasty!

zola's turkey bowl

Grandpaw made sure some extra turkey bits came my way. He has to be very quick so that my human does not see, otherwise he gets in trouble for feeding me at the table!

watching grandpawgrandpaw's arrangement

No joy from Paul though.

zola watching paul

Luckily Vikki didn’t notice the extra turkey distribution.

xmas din-dins

Everyone was very happy to be together enjoying the lovely lunch and presies.

grandpaw grandmapaw smiley paul

Christmas pudding time.

xmas pudding sparkle

After lunch Grandpaw tuned in to listen to the Queen’s Speech.

grandpaw and presies

Vikki started reading some of the great book presents.

books xmasbooks

Later, I joined Grandpaw for a nap….ZZzzzzzz

xmas sleep

Then heard something about left-over turkey….

More turkey?

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Wordless Wednesday

xmas zolaxmas zola 1

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