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Something in French for my friend Lincoln

Thank you my French blog friend Lincoln for your French challenge to learn to do something in zee French language.    Here’s my entry! ‘Tire la chaussette’ – ‘pull the sock’ I enjoyed learning it at first, but I soon realised, as … Continue reading

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Superdog Circuit Training

Circuit training in the park is so much fun! Last week we met two doggies from class; brown labrador girl Lola & black flatcoat retriever-mix boy Balco, for a superdog circuit training challenge in the park! Happy meeting ready to get going:   I’m … Continue reading

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Evening Parlour Games

It is a happy talent to know how to play.  (Ralph Waldo Emerson) We were invited along to play some fun indoor parlour games with some doggie friends. Everyone getting comfortable: The evening is all about having fun with the skills we have learnt and using them in … Continue reading

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Aloha! Hawaiian Evening

Hawaiian Paw-ty Time! It is very good for us doggies to go along to social events, sharing and enjoying fun times with our humans along with lots of yummie treat opportunities. We were invited to a Hawaiian Party!  Such occasions amongst friends are extra … Continue reading

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Give a dog a job!

In olden days, dogs had specific jobs.     Some were bred to help control vermin, like the Jack Russell, others like the Border Collie were bred to herd sheep.  Dog history shows us there was a variety of  jobs our humans needed us to do;             work cattle  to hunt game  … Continue reading

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