Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl

Here are some photos of my family ancestors.   There are photos of my great grandparents (3rd generation), great great grandparents (4th generation) and even great great great grandparents (5th generation).

Click here to see great great granpa Vumba’s family tree which traces back to his 5th generation grandparents.


Many of my ancestors have ‘Ch’ (champion) by their names since they have won lots of shows.  They must have been very highly regarded.  Great great granpa Vumba (like my papa Sion is today) was International & World champion…’Multi Ch’.   My great grandpa Vizara Shimesh of Shabani even won a prize at Crufts.

Vizara Shimesh of Shabani:

Early history of my family:

  • Rhodesian Ridgeback Pioneers by Linda Coster
  • The Origin, History and Standard of the Rhodesian Ridgeback by Major TC Hawley
Other members of family in shows:

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  1. lexscripta1 says:

    Its fun reading about Zola – maybe the most popular Ridgeback on the web – Maybe even the world! Wish there were more people writing about our breed. Welcome to visit my site

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