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Wash & Groom…Sparkly Clean!

My ‘wash & groom’ time starts off with teeth cleaning…then ears and eyes…followed by a manicure…a shower…and yummy treats as rewards for just staying still! 🙂 Relaxing with my pal Toffee after our ‘wash & groom’. Then we look forward to … Continue reading

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Heatie time

I’m on my heatie time at the moment..otherwise known as ‘in heat’, ‘in season’ or something to do with the moon!  It’s when: I need more rest, extra naps and cuddles. I see just one or two girlfriends for playtime at a … Continue reading

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Give a dog a job!

In olden days, dogs had specific jobs.     Some were bred to help control vermin, like the Jack Russell, others like the Border Collie were bred to herd sheep.  Dog history shows us there was a variety of  jobs our humans needed us to do;             work cattle  to hunt game  … Continue reading

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Willy Wonka’s for Dogs

I love my fresh food diet..     Sometimes Vikki gives me the freshest vacuum packed’ dry food’ equivalent called Orijen, which has won lots of doggie michelin star  cuisine awards.  From France, the  best way to get your paws on it is through . Continue reading

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