Wordless Wednesday

zola & westonz & w xzola & weston xZola & Weston in the arenazola & weston arena 2zola & weston arena 3weston & zolaw zola

About bigdogzola

Hello - I'm Zola! I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl with my own Dog Blog! For the first three years of my life, I lived on the French Riviera. Now I have moved and am enjoying the lush green forests and country life in England. Welcome to a big dog's life!
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9 Responses to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Phoning/texting while riding?? 🙂 Nice horse (and dog, of course.)


  2. wyatt says:

    That is a pretty big friend you have there, Zola. Friends come in all sizes!
    (I like the neighbor’s cow)

  3. rottrover says:

    Zola! We hope you’re being careful! Does that hourse know you? I really want to chase a horse, butt mom won’t let me!!!


  4. Jura says:

    Beautiful! Tala used to run with our horses and she loved it. I assume it was a pretty docile horse that was used to dogs as Zola gets rather close to the hindquarters at some points! I miss riding with Tala!

  5. cafall says:

    Good girl, Zola! (…and beautiful horse!)


  6. What wonderful photographs. Zola looks like she’s having just the best time ever.

  7. Flo says:

    Oooo. Be careful Zola!

  8. Zola, long time no bark!

    We love these photos, your so good with the horses, and it looks like you enjoy life in England!


    Two Doodles and a Dane

  9. bigdogzola says:

    Hello Doodles and Dane
    Thanks for your message – yes we have been in blog hibernation but have planned to restart our blog beginning of May – your must be psychic…spooky….anyway – look forward to getting back to blogland – aroofs

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