Happy Birthday Zola & Toffee

Your Birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of ‘you’ to the world.”

Birthday time for me and my pal Toffee the Golden Retriever.  We’re 3 years old! Party smile

Lovely birthdays together playing and running around, followed by yummy birthday treats:

Zola’s Birthday Bone

Nyom nyom nyom…

Toffee’s Birthday Liver Muffin

Nyom nyom nyom…

Cheeky nibble when Toffee’s not looking..heehee

So paws up to our 3rd year, hoping it’s full of adventures, yummy treats, squirrel chasing and lots of playtime…and obviously huge love and attention from our humans! Open-mouth smile

Thank you to my Facebook fellow Ridgebacks and doggie friends around the world for your kind and amazing birthday wishes….woweeee!

About bigdogzola

Hello - I'm Zola! I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl with my own Dog Blog! For the first three years of my life, I lived on the French Riviera. Now I have moved and am enjoying the lush green forests and country life in England. Welcome to a big dog's life!
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8 Responses to Happy Birthday Zola & Toffee

  1. Nora says:

    Happy Birthday Zola!

  2. hey zola, happy birthday, the sun is shining for you! hope to see you soon

  3. Vic says:

    Happy Birthday Zola and Toffee, and lots more to come.

  4. Homer says:

    Hey Zola and Toffee,

    Once again, Happy Barkday! So did you get lots of pressies???



    Sure looks like you enjoyed it 🙂


  6. Paws To Talk says:

    Will you throw our birthday parties this year? Great photos of a fun celebration!
    Bella and DiDi

  7. Digby says:

    Happy Birthday dear Zola and Tofee!
    What lovely nyoms you had! We wish you both many more happy birthdays 😀

    tail wags,
    Digby and Delta

  8. Samuel says:

    Ohhh my boy Toffee…. we miss him so much! x Happy Birthday Zola and Toffee

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