Spring Party Season on Seaweed Hills

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”

Us doggies have been enjoying the Spring party season on Seaweed Hills.  This is when the weather is getting warmer and the beaches are still quiet and in their natural state full of seaweed hills.  Doggies can run, bounce, play and party on them….

……or just stand and enjoy the views!

Unfortunately, the big yellow tractors arrived on the beach this week to clear away these seaweed hills..oh well!  Eye-rolling smile

The season of seaweed hills play has come to an end.Disappointed smile

The tractors and diggers flatten and clear away the debris of washed up dry seaweed hills.  Beaches up and down the coast get a luxury makeover and manicure ready and pristine for the restaurants and bars to set up for the holiday season.

My girlfriend Ezey tries to protest for just another few days of fun on seaweed hills, but alas these giant machines were not up for any negociations.

The Spring holidays are fast approaching and mark the start of the busy season with many visitors arriving from all over the world.

Lots of events on this month and next; Historic Grand Prix, Formula One Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, Yacht shows, Monaco Tennis Open amongst other things.

Local doggies and our humans are already starting to wake up super early so that we can still enjoy our walks and playtimes before it gets too busy and hot!

So, here’s a video of me and my friends on the beach during the last enjoyable week of Spring season on Seaweed Hills. Party smile

About bigdogzola

Hello - I'm Zola! I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl with my own Dog Blog! For the first three years of my life, I lived on the French Riviera. Now I have moved and am enjoying the lush green forests and country life in England. Welcome to a big dog's life!
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1 Response to Spring Party Season on Seaweed Hills

  1. Homer says:

    Oh my goodness Zola! You are having so much fun! I wish I was there frolicking with you!


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