Art with a Pencil

How exciting!  A drawing of meeeeeee! 

Oooo I’m to be a muse for an amazing doggie artist. Smile

My best pal Golden Retriever Toffee has a beautiful colour picture of himself by the same English artist.

Here is how his picture happened:

Ta DAHhhhhh….Party smile

Fabulous eh?  The artist is Pencil Vic, who is super talented at drawing us doggies.

Click here to see Pencil Vic’s first blog post on my picture.

We can’t wait to see the progress!  My human hopes that one day this special drawing will enjoy pride of place in our home Red heart.

“Art doesn’t have to matter to a lot of people to matter a lot.” ~Jeb Dickerson

Pencil Vic has chosen graphite pencil to create a ‘Zola-Montage’!

Here is the start of the first image:

About bigdogzola

Hello - I'm Zola! I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl with my own Dog Blog! For the first three years of my life, I lived on the French Riviera. Now I have moved and am enjoying the lush green forests and country life in England. Welcome to a big dog's life!
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9 Responses to Art with a Pencil

  1. zeeFM says:

    toffee is such a great looking happy golden ! and that pencil art of you is gorgeous even in draft

  2. Vic says:

    Thanks for your lovely post Zola, it is much apprecaited and I hope that you love your picture as much as I enjoyed doing it.

  3. Vic is very talented! It’s going to be a fabulous portrait 🙂
    Greetings from Marianne

  4. Lulu says:

    Wow, your looking awesome in pencil! What a lucky doggy you are that your human commissioned art of you. I’ll have to get my momma on that ASAP!

    Lulu (the good ole fashioned mutt)

  5. Nora says:

    That’s beautiful! What a great artist.



  6. Someone is a very talented artist…beautiful rendering…I’m always transfixed when someone has this ability…Zola is coming alive on paper!

  7. What amazing art! I bet you can’t wait for yours to be finished 🙂


  8. Digby says:

    Oh Zola that is really lovely!
    Some humans are very talented are they not?
    I bet when the humans see this they’ll be itching to get a portrait of me done too 😀

    your pal,

  9. WOW! Bee-you-ti-ful work! You’re quite the lucky girl Miss Zola!
    Hey…I think my peep and your peep need to convo. She’s wondering how to post on a page and thinks you need to set up a menu, then post to a “category” – but I wouldn’t know a THING about that.

    Can’t wait to see the finished portrait of vous! Or should that be “tu”? No. I don’t think so.

    AroooooOOO! Stuart

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