Poodle Cleo comes to say hello & a play at the park…

My friend Cleo, the white Standard Poodle and her human came over to say hello and have a cup of tea…

Cleo the Poodle

As you know, Vikki has been a bit under the weather the last few weeks, so she has been resting on a mattress in the living room where it was easier to keep an eye on everything.  Well, the mattress has been moved back to its normal height in the bedroom and Vikki is up walking around…yippeee – things are slowly getting back to normal!  🙂

She is definitely getting better or maybe she has just had enough of waking up and seeing me looking down on her from position ‘Statue-Watch’:  

I didn’t understand her mutterings every morning when she opened her eyes and saw me staring down?! …I thought I did an excellent job looking after her!

It was super to see Cleo and her human again.

My human has known Cleo since she was a young pup, so they always have a quick cuddle when they see each other.  Cleo’s white coat feels really soft and bouncy…especially on her tufty-top head! 

Cleo makes Vikki laugh with her springy jumps and happy, crazy girl action.

Then it was time to go to the park for some fun and freetime play.  My human was very smiley that she could finally go out for a walk without feeling dizzy.

We were excited to show Cleo our favourite play-place in the park:

(you can click on 360p on the bottom bar right hand side of the video for a high definition option)

Thank you to Cleo and her human for coming to see us 🙂 ♥

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Hello - I'm Zola! I'm a Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl with my own Dog Blog! For the first three years of my life, I lived on the French Riviera. Now I have moved and am enjoying the lush green forests and country life in England. Welcome to a big dog's life!
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3 Responses to Poodle Cleo comes to say hello & a play at the park…

  1. vic says:

    Aww Zola, great to see you having so much fun with Cleo, so different and yet alike in your playfullness. Great to know that Vikki is able to get out and about…..wish her well from me.

  2. Bert says:

    Hi Zola, I am so excited to meet you. You and Cleo looked like you were having so much fun at the park. My Vickie (yours and mine have the same name, cool…) anyway, she says you are beautiful and that you look like my friend Lacy who is in search and rescue with me. Lacy is the very first Ridgeback that My Vickie has worked with in 25 years of search and rescue and she does real good.

    Anyway, I look forward to learning more about you….and did I tell you that you are beautiful? Well you are…..I mean, I am not like suggesting we date or anything cause I have a girlfriend, at least I think I do, I am gonna have to check with her. She will let me know if…..

    Oh darn it, I tend to wander sometimes…..anyway (again) Have a wonderful day and I’ll see ya agian real soon


  3. Farley says:

    You know how to have a good time Zola 🙂

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