More Human-Pups!

August must be the month when all the human-pups come out to play.  I don’t think I’ve seen so many miniature humans!   

Last Sunday, five human-pups and their humans came to enjoy a fun day.

cake time

Vikki kept the lead on me at different times throughout the afternoon (there was no need really).  I think she wanted to be polite and helpful to the two little human-pup girls who aren’t use to doggies.  Who knows, with good experiences around nice, happy dogs, these human-pups may become future doggie-humans when they get older :), so Vikki wanted to make sure they felt comfortable and had a positive time around me.     

By the end of the day they were stroking and sitting with me, so I think they enjoyed meeting me!  I hope it was a good start and introduction to their dog- meeting experience!  

ZZzzzzz..its quite tiring with all these human-pups around!

Sometimes, human-pups think that the little doggies (the Shorties!) are so cute and cuddly and that us big doggies are more scary because of our size!  It’s more important to recognise our body language & signals, behaviour and the individual character of the doggie though.  Some big doggies are such gentle giants and there are some Shorties that can be very scary indeed!  It depends on training, upbringing and temperament..  

Never judge a doggie’s character by their size!     


These human-pups like making giant paper-birds.  
They also love cake! 





Vikki gave me lots of treats when I didn’t pay much attention to the human-pups’ excitement.  That was great!  All I had to do was either stand, sit or lie down and get in touch with  my calm & collected inner-self.  By not reacting too much to all the excitement,  I knew lots of praise and yummy barbecue treats were going to head in my direction!  

What a nice day..yum yum!


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