Aloha! Hawaiian Evening

Hawaiian Paw-ty Time!

It is very good for us doggies to go along to social events, sharing and enjoying fun times with our humans along with lots of yummie treat opportunities.

We were invited to a Hawaiian Party!  Such occasions amongst friends are extra special for us doggies, since any ‘faux-paws’ that we make can be practised there and then in a positive and relaxed way.       

First thing was to find something to wear! 

A Hawaiian shirt for Paul and an outfit for Vikki.  Vikki found a Hawaiian party  website and then discovered that Hawaiian parties or ‘Luaus’ are very popular.  There are such colourful outfits and decorations  to create a fabulous tropical party atmosphere…it’s no wonder!  What a good idea!    

The Hawaiian flower garlands are called Leis and they are traditionally given as a welcome or farewell a ‘Hello!’ or ‘Aloha!

Everyone at the party was wearing a ‘Lei’ and Vikki made a little flower from a spare one she had to put on my collar so that I could join in with the spirit of it all!  I’m not really a flower-girl type, but it was subtle so I didn’t mind at all.  

Vikki also looked up a Hawaiian rice salad recipe to make since there was going to be a big barbecue supper.  There are such amazing recipes from Hawaii and since the event, she has started to try them out!   

Yummm!..A barbecue…I hope there are chicken treats for me!

Waiting patiently for a treat..I’ve seen which bit I want

Yep..its just there!

It was a fun evening for everyone:

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