Human-pups’ holiday fun

Following on from my Diary Blog Post ‘Human-pups are coming!’     

Well, these fab & funky human-pups and their humans have had their happy holidays here and have now returned home.        

(I think human-pups need a rest now, since everyday was crammed full of so much fun & excitement…I thought they were going to pop!)              

Miss Emily

Master Harry

 They were swimming at the beach,  playing games, making giant paper birds and drawing pictures…of me!  They also went to an Aqua park to whizz down the slides, Italy for an ice-cream, a visit to the very old French villages St. Paul de Vence and Eze and they even met my friend Toffee! 


Vikki was very proud of me for being such a good girl and was also very happy with Miss Emily and Master Harry since they listened and followed her instructions on how to behave nicely and politely towards me.  Wouldn’t it be good if all human-pups could learn how to behave around doggies?  Even if they don’t live with a doggie at home, it is still something they should know since they are bound to meet one of us at some point… 

 A child who has been brought up in such ways to behave in a humane and understanding way towards dogs, will have a distinct advantage in all social communication over those who believe that forcing one’s will on another creature is the only way forward    

Click here to read an interesting article about Children & Dogs   

Human pups dancing around bubbles


 These little people also loved making things that could fly in the air – especially ballons full of water – I didn’t really like that game , so I excused myself and went inside to play with my Kong that Vikki had filled with goodies!       

After dinner everyone decided to make their own giant thats a game I’ll stick around for…I love watching birds fly!      There were lots of different types of birds; some with pointy beaks, others with big fact there were some pretty professional bird flying designs..Vikki drew hearts ♥ on hers since she knew her one wouldn’t fly that well so she thought extra love and hearts might help!..♥  

Dinner time


launching pad for paper birds

Then it was time to see how each bird flew… (click on the photo if you want to see a bigger picture)    


Ready for take-off


Doors to manual

After a while though….I needed a lie down from all the excitement…it must be tiring being a full-time human-pup!   

Too many planes!! I've hidden one for later though!

I did notice that human-pups move quite fast whilst making some very strange loud noises for no reason at all!  I quickly learnt not to concern myself with their noises since they didn’t mean anything.. I hardly make a sound unless it is extra-extra important and even then, I will stop after a few seconds when I hear my humans tell me ‘its alright’.     

They can have ‘zoomie’ moments like me but at certain times, when they had quiet and calm energy, Vikki said they could sit with me on the sofa for a while:         


A bird's view

See you next time!


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