Human-pups are coming

I’ve just been told that next week we will have two human-pups and their mama & papa coming to spend their holidays with us..Goodie!..I can’t wait! 🙂

Human Pups - Harry & Emily

The local human-pups I meet are always friendly and come over to see me.  They are the same height as me with nice smiles and little hands.                

grinner Harry

This week, Vikki has been doing extra practise with me on my basic skills..making them bomb-proof :  

 ‘sit’, ‘lie down’ , ‘stay’, ‘say hello’, ‘gentle’ and ‘leave’ , ‘wait’……     

I want to give my best first impression when our guests arrive so that they think I’m a very polite, good girl.  We’ve been practising lots of games and tricks too and hopefully they can join in and help me learn some more!        

 Although I am a gentle soul,  sometimes when I get excited I get the  zoomies’!    This is my style of playing with a few leaps here and there.    

It has been explained to me that I must try only to do this with my humans and dog friends, otherwise I might scare little human-pups without meaning to and that may mean I have to miss out on some of the fun..uh-oh..yikes!    

During their stay,  I’ve been promised extra long early morning walks with lots of opportunites for running and leaping around which will ensure I return home relaxed and satisfied so I can get to know the human-pups nicely and in a calm manner. 

 Ridgebacks are very well known for being excellent housemates with human-pups and are naturals at being gentle, patient and caring towards I know it won’t take very long to get use to having them around here.   

 I already think I’ve got some things in common with these human-pups:     

jumping Emily

zola-pup jumping

Just like me!  The human-pup that wears pink likes play time  jumping..she looks like she can jump higher than me! I think she gets the ‘zoomies’ too!   

I’ve also noticed that these human-pups do the same things that us doggies do when we get hot..tongues are very good at cooling us down if we stick them out to let the air and wind get to them..         

tongue cooling

how long is my tongue?

I think I’ve got the biggest tongue though!       







So, it already looks like we are going to have a good time together don’t you think?    

When doggies and small human pups are together, it does not matter whether the doggies are shorties, tinies or huge soft is very important that there is always a grown-up human around, preferably the dog’s human.    

It is also important that the human-pups learn how to behave and communicate with us doggies since this makes it easier to establish good behaviour and understanding from us.   

 Click here to read more about how human-pups can help us doggies behave well in the home.     

The Kennel Club have also helped us understand key points to cover in our training.   

A positive way for a human-pup to meet a doggie is when the dog’s human puts a dog treat on the palm of the human-pup’s hand with their fingers close together and lets the dog come to them in a calm manner  for the treat. Children should hold their hand beneath the dog’s mouth level and keep it still. At the same time the  human-pup, in a quiet and gentle manner, should be encouraged to stroke or scratch a dog under the chin or around the throat, rather than patting them on the head.  The dog’s human would be telling the dog to ‘say hello’ (or their own greet command)  whilst clicking (if using clicker) and treating them at the same time for good behaviour.   

 (Look out for the future post about the human-pups holiday with us)    

see you soon!

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