Rhodesian Ridgeback Welcome

Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl

Hello –  I’m Zola!

I’m a Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl who has recently swapped mediterranean life of blue skies and sunny beaches on the French Riviera for village country life, ancient forests and wide open skies in Norfolk, England.

Welcome to my Website!

This is a Hello & Welcome page.  Click here to visit my Blog for the latest or have a look at my Recent & Past Tales on the right hand side →

There are some great dog blogs & websites from around the world sharing stories about how us dogs live & learn, our favourite places and the super adventures we enjoy with our humans.

So, I thought I’d like to join in!

You may recognise me as the ‘African lion dog’, but I’ve never seen a real lion (I’ve got a lion stuffie toy!)  and I’m a long way from South Africa.  In fact, us expat Rhodesian Ridgebacks have become quite the World Travellers and International Jet-Setters!

Humans are amazed at the ridge on my back.  The ridge is formed by the hair along my spine growing in the opposite direction to the rest of my coat.  Just less than one third of the way down on either side of the ridge is a whorl of hair known as a ‘crown’.

Human-puppies think it’s a magic ridge with a halo…now thats cool!

I’m a very outgoing Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl! 

I’m known to be:

An intrepid Explorer…

A fearless Squirrel-Searcher extraordinaire…

Full of tricks…

A Prankster…

A Joker…

A Fashionista Model…(Poser!)

An occasional Show-Girl…

An occasional Show-Off…

Devoted to yummy treats…

A Thinker…

An Observer…

And a Lady…

As a budding doggie-reporter with a ‘Time Out’ Blog for Dogs on the French Riviera, my human and I love exploring dog-friendly walks, places and activities.

So, now that we have moved to England, we are off to discover and write about some wonderful country walks, historic places, special doggie days-out and my new English adventures…

Thank you for visiting. 

I hope you enjoy having a look around my website! 

Please bark a comment or hello to us sometime!

80 Responses to Rhodesian Ridgeback Welcome

  1. Charlotte says:

    She’s adorable! Such a beautiful colour and a really good natured dog. Very regal!

  2. paul says:

    i love it x

  3. Bex says:

    Finally it’s up and running!! It’s brilliant and the photos are stunning – excellent job!! xx

  4. Jeanette says:

    The best looking dog ever to visit Villa ‘Oa ‘Oa !

  5. Lindsey says:

    Bex just told me you had the website up and running – how exciting. Zola must have spent hours and hours putting it together!

  6. Hi Lindsey! Thanks for your message – Yes I’m learning all the time and thoroughly enjoying it!

  7. ERICKH says:

    Ton site est très professionnel Vikky, bravo …
    et Zola est magnifique … 🙂

  8. Digby says:

    Hello Zola!
    thank you for leaving a comment on our blog! You are looking gorgeous as ever! Sorry we haven’t been keeping up with everything 😦
    your pals,
    Digby and Delta

  9. Flo says:

    Enjoying your blog – nice work. Just started one myself so was pleased to see more out there. My keyboard skills aren’t quite up to yours yet. Really loving the photos; they are wonderful. 🙂

    Flo (the ridgeback)

  10. Murray says:

    Great blog Vikki! Lovley dog!
    I came across the site looking for doggy daycare / dog walkers / dog looker-afterers in PACA – do you know of anyone by any chance? Help appreciated!Many thanks Murray

  11. bigdogzola says:

    I can certainly help you there. I will write you an email direct. Thank you for your comment.

  12. Tucker's Mom says:

    Glad to meet you, Zola! We happened to notice you were friends with one of OUR blog friends, Remi, at Company of Lions! You are lovely and we’re happy to make your acquaintance!

  13. Fiona says:

    Hi Zola – great blog!
    We’re in Switzerland with our Rhodesian Ridgeback ‘Stuiver’, she was born in Holland and has travelled with us through France to our current home, she’ll be 10 years old next month.
    Our daughter is wondering how you translate the name Rhodeisan Ridgeback as she wants to be able to tell her French speaking friends what type of dog she has, have you a solution for this?

  14. bigdogzola says:

    Even in a French accent Rhodesian Ridgeback or even Chien de Rhodesie sounds a bit odd to the French humans. Sometimes Vikki just says that I am ‘un chien du sud de l’Afrique’
    or ‘ c’est un chien du sud de l’Afrique (très connu là bas). Ce qui caractiérise la race est la crête dorsale formée par le poil qui pousse dans le sens oppossé au rest du pelage’ – if children ask my human about me, she says I am un peu come Scoobie Doo avec un dos magique..! She tends to leave out the idea that I am’ un chien du lion / Chien Lion’ since she thinks that children will think I am a scary lion…yikes!

  15. Hi Zola!

    Thanks for coming and visiting our blog, we love meeting new dogs and being able to follow their blogs 🙂

    Yours looks really great!

    We were so jealous when we read that you can go nearly everywhere with your human except Big Supermarkets and DIY places – Our human would love to live in a place like that!!! She is all about socializing and training us. Even though we aren’t allowed in shops dog are allowed in the main city streets, so we do get to go to all those places 🙂

    Look forward to following your blog!

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

    P.S. Your Ridge is very cool!!

  16. MAXMOM says:

    Hi there Vicki, Zola and Toffee
    …and thank you for coming to pay us a visit too 🙂
    Firstly, you have a wonderful blog! Such lovely photos, interesting topics and beautifully written posts. Thanks you for coming to introduce yourself – I am going to enjoy following your adventures.
    I had a Rhodesian Ridgeback as a child – on a rural farm in SA. They are fairly common here in SA…beautiful, statuesque dogs and great helps on farms.
    …now I’m off to read some of your posts. Beautiful photographs too 🙂
    Sending lotsaluv

  17. Guinness says:

    Zola is beautiful! Nice Blog! no my human is NOT petite! haha anything but look at the size of that a$$ on her–hehehe She is 5 foot 6 and a hefty 175 pound! about the same weight as me. Cheers Guinness

  18. Hello Zola!!! You’re soooooooooooooo beautiful!!! And you are born in Italy!!! Where??? And we live soooo close!!! We have to meet soon!!! We love love love France!! Mom and dad bring us every year in Corse and sometimes in Nice and Menton!!!! Where do you live?? Your photos are amazing and you and mommy are both soooooooooooooo beautiful and sweet!!! Just read your post where you were with your Golden friend Toffee!!! What a fun and what a great place where make zooming and getting delicious treats!! And a pool too!!! WOWOWOOOOO!! Did you swimming??? Keep in touch!!! HAve a great weekend!!! Sweet golden licks and hugs!!! MWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  19. Mrs E says:

    Hi Vikki and sweet Zola!

    My name is Elizabeth and Paula sent me to your blog as I will soon become a first time Ridgeback owner! First, I must say, what an awesome blog Zola has going on here! I love reading about her outings and her life on the French Riviera! A dogs life really couldn’t get much better than this. I will be moving with my family to Bordighera Italy in April of 2012 and very soon after getting my RR (hopefully from Paula because after being in contact with so many other breeders, Paula hits my heart). I would love to catch up with you and Zola once we arrive. Please keep up the blog, it’s not only fun to read but also good learning! You have my email so please feel free to email me so we can keep in contact.

    Take care,

  20. Bonjour Zola! you ARE big. you’re just like my friends Mana and Tora and my ex-boyfriends Jack and Monty! we have a lot of ridgys here and they are some of my best friends because they play just as madly as i do [or used to].

    the French Riviera looks very exciting! you’re the 1st French Riviera dog i’ve met! i am very jealous that you’re allowed into all those places like post offices and banks. we’re not allowed anywhere in Sydney. My Typist sometimes gets huffy about that. it’s OK, i tell her, i’m a dog. just take me to the park and beach.

    oh well. ce la vie.

    that’s all the French i know. so see you round 🙂 xox Georgia

  21. OH! How nice of you to drop by my place! (And for Rottrover to link me….). You’ve got a great blog there Zola. I’ll be sure to keep up with you and your adventures.

    AroooooOOOOOO! Stuart

  22. I saw woo on Sam and Monty’s blog –


    I pawed your blog to Nala – she’s Remi’s older ‘sis’ –

    Happy HOWLiday!


  23. sophie...^5 says:

    Thanks for the kind comments on my recent post Vikki and Zola. Your world is certainly going to be a lovely one to watch…dreaming about the South of France….doesn’t everyone do that! Zola, you are gorgeous and I’m sure you get mucho attention…some of the pictures indicate that already as we browse your blog. ALWAYS HAPPY to find a new follower and doubly since you follow Guinness and Maggi from NS…..I’m checking out Invictus as well…..I certainly hope you are having a grand holiday season….looking forward to more of you!!!Sophie….Ron…Jim!!

  24. Zola says:

    Luv the name it’s awesome don’t you think it also means a lump of earth in italian

  25. Regina Phalange says:

    You should check out this new web-based animal reality show called Animal Movers. It is about a pet transportation company that moves animals all around the world. They move many different types of animals. The first episode was about moving Rhodesian Ridgebacks to Hawaii. It was very interesting and family friendly. You can find it at http://www.animalmovers.tv

  26. Sue says:

    HI Zola, Thanks for stopping by our blog to visit. We want to wish you good luck at Mango Minster. Last year our daddy Fudge won readers choice for Bad Sports. This year Baily is with the adventurers and Noah is one of the Cutest. It’s lots of fun.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  27. robertruijgrok says:

    I have a question about one of the pictures. I would like to use one of the pictures in a book. Can you please contact me at robert (a) unitedstateoffans . com.

    Thanks in advance.

  28. Isidre says:

    muy buen ejemplar, yo tengo dos, macho y hembra,,,,,,,,,es mi raza preferida desde hace 22 años…….un saludo

  29. Fabio says:

    Hi Zola,
    greatings from Italy!
    Mi name is Emmah and I’m a sixteen months old RR
    I think your blog is very cool and I won’t miss it

  30. Daisy says:

    Hi Zola, thanks for stopping by our blog. We don’t know any REAL Ridgebacks….just Roxy, our Rescuepup who’s a Bull Terrier/Ridgeback. That’s why she’s so spotty. We don’t know where she got her basset legs, though.

    Sounds like you live in a fantastic place. We’re in the middle of Australia and aren’t really allowed to go most places where there are humans. But we have fun anyway.

    We’ll be looking for you in the future.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  31. stefan says:

    very nice blogg and a beautiful ridgeback lady you are zola! take care

  32. The other Zola's human says:

    I had so much fun looking at your website, my name is Zola too! Unfortunately, I live in Israel where everyone thinks my mommy named me cheap (cheap=zol in Hebrew). Even though I am a mix of many types of dogs I somehow look a lot like you! Also, I like pig ears too but I live in an apartment so my human doesn’t like when I try to bury them at home.

  33. We loved the last photo of you and Zola! Amazing!

  34. bigdogzola says:

    Thank you! We enjoyed looking at your super website and services..congratulations..you must have a wonderful job. Here’s our most recent blog post that might amuse you..

    We love aromatherapy shampoo and essential oils – we like the sound of aromadog products ..All the best..aroofs from across the ocean xx

  35. Celeste says:

    Hi Vikki and Zola! Great website! And amazing pics!
    XXX Celeste

  36. Heather says:

    She is so beautiful. Thank you for running across my blog so I could find you and Zola. Looking at all the pictures of her makes me miss my Riley. I will live vicariously through you until I can bring home another Ridgeback.

  37. These are amazing photos and Zola is absolutely beautiful. You can see her intelligence in her eyes. Makes me want one. 🙂

  38. bigdogzola says:

    Wow – thank you Bella…we are very flattered with your comment especially as you are a wondeful photographer. Thank you for your page ‘whats in my bag’ – my human has a Canon EOS40D and she has been saving up for a Canon 7D – and some of the lenses recommended by yourself. We look forward to following your blog now that we have found you (through Tala the Nubian hound). xx

  39. kinekelly says:

    Que je suis contente de t’avoir retrouvé! ton chien est magnifique et j’espère que mes petites chiennes pourront faire sa connaissance un jour! Tu peux les voir ici, mais aussi dans d’autres pages bien sûr! au plaisir de te revoir mais de toute façon, je m’inscris!!


  40. Jovana says:

    What a beautiful blog! Unfortunately, my family just lost our beloved Ridgeback and we are really suffering for it. May you and Zola have many happy years together. All the best to you.

  41. Hey there Vikki and Zola! What a fantastic “Dog Blog” and breath-taking photos you have of Zola… amazing!!
    I’m the administrator for a Rhodesian Ridgeback Fanpage on Facebook… I’d love for you to check it out, I’ve also shared your blog with our fanpage too! You can check it out here: http:..www.facebook.com/iloverhodesianridgebacks

    Have a great day and give Zola a scratch for us!

  42. Carol Stewart says:

    Lovely photos – nice to meet you – woofs from Shaka in McLaren Vale, South Australia xx

  43. Wow…Zola…what can i say?i fell in love at first sight….your face looking at me from the back of your car was just too beautiful for words…

    I also enjoyed very much meeting your mum and dad and your grandparents…all exceptional people.

    I hope very much that very soon our paths shall cross again…

    In the meantime tell your mum that we loved Olivo…thank you v much for recommending it..

    Please get in touch next time you are in London..

    Love and light

    The Orsini’s

    Antonella Leonardo & Mattia xxx

  44. Anonymous says:

    Would you mind letting us know where Zola came from? Breeder?

  45. Pet Sitter Diaries - Pacific Tales says:


    Just became a follower. Your pictures are beautiful, I viewed them three times. Love the shot of Zola in the air side-swiping the grounded dog. The look on that dogs face is priceless.

    With Warm Aloha,

  46. bigdogzola says:

    Hello Pam – thank you for you lovely message. We look forward to visiting your Blog about Pet Sitting in Hawaii…my human thinks that must be one of the best jobs in the world xx

  47. bigdogzola says:

    Hello – Thank you for your enquiry – try http://www.imkahena.com – it is Paula at Imkahena that you should contact…Good luck – say that Zola helped you find her!

  48. hello– absolutely love your stunning photos — did you take them? If so, congrats. I also adore the tree-climbing shots and I’m so envious that you had a good camera to hand.
    We live in the south of France, it looks as if you’ve moved to UK?

  49. bigdogzola says:

    Thanks Sarah & Jungle. Yes we love taking photos…Thank you for your comments. Enjoy South of France – don’t forget to wear your scalibor collar when it gets warmer. Nice to see your website xx

  50. Hi, These are absolutely superb shots. So full of life, expressions and an intrinsic positivity to be alive. Your passion is clearly revealed.


  51. bigdogzola says:

    Thank you for your kind message Shakti.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hi Zola and family,how are you all doing?hope all is well in your world.
    Thinking of you and sending love to you and all your family.
    Antonella Leo and Mattia xxx

  53. Zola the NH Ridgeback Girl says:

    Hello Zola the Ridgeback from……. Zola the Ridgeback! A friend sent me a link to your site when she saw that your name was Zola! I live in New Hampshire, USA on a beautiful river with my “sister” Ridgeback Sabrina, aka ‘Brina. Too bad I hate to swim! I was named after Zola Budd, the great (and controversial) olympic runner – we both run barefoot! Mom says that I am a princess, and I believe it! I just turned 11 and I have finally matured (Mom says “NOT”). I still chase squirrels (and bears and moose), although I’m just a little bit slower than I used to be.
    I love your website and I wish you lots of fun and many more great adventures!
    Zola from “across the pond”

    P.S. Your Mom takes great pictures!

  54. bigdogzola says:

    Hello Zola in New Hampshire
    Thank you for your super message, it made us smile. Nice to know there is another stylish squirrel chasing Ridgeback Princess out there sharing the same beautiful name…and we must share the same RR-Princess international motto: ‘keep your human busy on her toes’…hee hee. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am very flattered to receive a message from a wiser, experienced 11 yr old Ridgeback lady..(I’ve just turned 4!) Aroooofs from England.

  55. Akani says:

    Hello Zola,
    i see the verry nice pictures from you, and a verry nice blog.
    greetings from
    Red Wheaten Akani and Clan

  56. sisubeads says:

    Beautiful! I have two of my own with one on the way. These are the best dogs!

  57. Jackie Coombes says:

    Hi Vikki and Zola just discovered your website which is fantastic Zola you are wonderful and give some great advice I have just become a new first owner of a Ridgeback which I also call Zola she is 3 months old now and so cute. I hope I can take some good training advice from you. We also have a 6 year old Weimar called Vetch which she adores. I will definitely continue to follow your blog.

    Zola and Jackie x

  58. bigdogzola says:

    Thanks for your message Jackie – Zola and I have been soooo busy at the moment we haven’t been keeping up with our blog recently! Life must be very exciting for you at the moment with your ridgie-pup – hope little Zola is keeping you on your toes. Vetch must be rolling his eyeballs at her energy levels eh?
    One of Zola’s best boyfriends is a Weimaraner called Otello – here’s some links to a few videos of zola and otello – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lx5jyHy5ZWg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rhyNfi8sQw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viABUhVwXFA
    They get on sooo well even though they are very different types of dogs – How wonderful for you – happy days xx

  59. Anonymous says:

    dog xxx mo

  60. sagor02 says:

    The most important that you need to consider before breeding happy, healthy puppies is your female dog. She need be in heat first before she can breed, which normally happens every six to seven months. However, even though she may go into heat while she’s young or even though she came from big dog breeds, she still may not be physically mature enough to carry, deliver, and take care for her new babies. That is why you should wait until your dog is physically mature enough before you can think of breeding her. For some breeds, this may be two or more years of age. But, for most small dog breeds, they mature a lot faster than middle dog breeds and big dog breeds.

  61. Anonymous says:


  62. Anonymous says:


  63. Anonymous says:

    Very nice

  64. Kevin says:

    Great site! We have a 3 year old Ridgeback female named Kira who has, as you can imagine, found her way into our hearts. My 3 boys absolutely love her. We had her since she was 12 weeks old. Now it’s time for a change and we plan on moving from NJ to the Big Island of Hawaii this coming summer. I have been on the Depart. of Hawaii’s website investigating the moving process of getting her onto the Big Island. It’s an extensive process. I have never traveled with a dog before since she is our first. Any tips or suggestions from anyone who has traveled with their Ridgeback would be great. Thank you.

  65. Leroy says:

    Pretty girl. Who is you daddy? and Mum?

  66. Barry says:

    Hi there!

    I’ve always loved ridgebacks and hope to one day be a proud owner of one! I was hoping you could help answer some questions. Zola seems to be the have the perfect ridgeback look – strong, broad, with a big round head, not too long of a snout, and most importantly that beautiful reddish brown coat!

    I’ve seen ridgebacks that sometimes look a bit different, so how do I ensure
    that, when finding a breeder, I can get a ridgeback with that classic look that Zola boasts so well?

    I may seem picky but I figure if I’m going to own a ridgeback, She/He might as well be as perfect as possible. Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply and keep up the great blog!


  67. bigdogzola says:

    hi Barry – Thank you for your very kind message. Yes Zola is a wonderful example of A ridgeback lady. I think the best thing is for you to speak / contact Paula at Imkahena.com – she knows exactly what you want and will point you in the right direction for sure. she knows everything about the classic ridgeback look you like and every breeder and blood line – Zola has strong Glenaholm bloodline – please mention Zola as Paula has a soft spot for her! I am restarting Zola’s blog in the next few weeks – we have lots of news. I hope you keep in touch and let me know when you get your ridgeback girl/ boy. I would love to hear about it. good luck with it – he or she will bring wonder and awe to your life – life will never be the same again….in a good way! I hope you and your future ridgeback find each other. Regards x

  68. Andy says:

    Hi, would Zola like to meet my 3 year old red Boxer boy for a play and maybe a sleepover?


  69. Lori Brown says:

    Hi Vikki – My name is Lori and I’m an animal portrait artist. I so enjoyed reading your blog and looking at Zola’s photos! I’m contacting you to ask your permission to draw Zola and post her portrait on my website: loribrownart.com. I’ve created portraits of people, landscapes, and still life for decades, and since I adopted my beautiful Lab, Bella, four years ago, I’ve been focusing on dog portraits. The beauty, strength and majestic quality of Rhodesian Ridgebacks fascinate me, and I would be honored if you’d allow me to draw Zola. Thank you! Lori

  70. dumsaint says:

    we just got so lucky by finding this site! zola is my fav………… thank you so much so much so much I LOVE YOU

  71. Frank Needs says:

    I want to be xxx mover

  72. Anonymous says:

    Second best looking Ridgy I’ve ever seen.
    R.I.P Tilly 2002-2011

  73. dixie h. says:

    Hi, I like your picture of the donkey and was wondering if you didn’t mind if I painted it.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Hi! My name is Mary – we live in Durban (where Zola was born) with our three Ridgebacks and a dachsie-mix. They are such incredible creatures and we are blessed! We lost our old male (10) last year to cancer and were distraught. We now have two “pups” – our female is just over a year old and our male is 7 months old and our old female, who turns 10 this year. We so loved following Zola’s blog and were wondering how you were all doing! It would be great to hear from you!

  75. bigdogzola says:

    Hi Mary – thank you very much for your message..lovely to hear from you…it has been ages since I have written on Zola’s blog..she is very grumpy about that. we have moved to a farm in Norfolk..there are horses, chickens and a wonderful forest where Zola has perfected all her hunting skills! I have had a baby boy who is now two…with another one on the way due in May! Zola has a wonderful life here and luckily tolerates my son with great dignity! I will restart her blog from time to time very soon…thanks to Zola I also went to finish a photography course at a college and I now do a lot of family photography sessions locally and always include the family dogs which people really like. I owe a great deal to my wonderful ridgeback girl. Thank you for your comments – it makes me smile that you enjoyed the blog…I will be back soon. Regards from England & Happy Christmas to you. X

  76. bigdogzola says:

    Hi Dixie – sorry I haven’t been on the blog for ages …yes of course xx

  77. bigdogzola says:

    Thank you Lori I would love that x sorry for delay – Zola has a little toddler brother that keeps us so busy – I’m looking forward to restarting the blog very soon!

  78. bigdogzola says:

    Zola’s father is multi champion Sion from Imkahena ridgebacks in France. X

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